Featherpistol is a Performance Artist/Pole Instructor/Art Appraiser who lives in South Lake Tahoe, California.  She believes in the power of Nature, the Cosmos, and Sound Healing.  She grew up hunting and fishing in Minnesota with her family and this is where her love of nature began.  Feather has lived in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Florence, Italy and is now planting her roots down in the Sierra Mountains.
She is an International Artist in Residence for Supperclub Amsterdam every year and has performed her “Acrobatic Circus Pole Performance Art” at dinner theater shows, circus shows, special events, Vegas nightclubs, casinos, fundraisers, festivals and theater productions. Feather is also a Sound Healer and holds a degree from USC in chemistry and art history.  You can learn more about her journey through the art world at her art appraiser website:  artmodeappraisals.com
Now, she is excited to be the creator of “Pole for the Globe”, a new initiative for raising money for earth charities and racial justice by performing her signature performance art in nature.  With this project she is aiming to bring pole dancers across the globe together to help raise money for Planet Earth.  Check it out and participate at patreon.com/polefortheglobe.
As a pole teacher, Feather focuses on fundamentals.  She oftentimes helps students discover areas of strength they’re not tapping into in order to further push them towards their goals.  She emphasizes balance in all tricks as well as certain key strength and flexibility exercises that most polerinas are missing.  She’d love to work with you and hear more about your pole dreams.  Visit patreon.com/polefortheglobe and look for the Pharaohs tier!
From the Artist:
“If you learned one thing from this bio, I hope it’s this:  I have followed my heart throughout my life, seeking knowledge and following the mysteries of the world that intrigue me.   If you were to learn a second thing let it be this:  I love pole dance and sound healing, and I am absolutely obsessed with nature and art.”

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