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POLE FOR THE GLOBE IG May 26 2017, 1200

I have started a new project where I am performing in nature to raise money for the environment.  I’m calling it “Pole for the Globe” and so far our tribe “Atreyu” has been able to donate over $1,500.00 to organizations such as Greenpeace, The Color of Change, Oceana, The Wilderness Society, National Parks Conservation Association, Conservation International, Showing Up for Racial Justice and Wild Aid.  To be a part of this wild community, we encourage you to join our TRIBE on patreon.  If each of us donates a nominal amount per month, we can start to have a huge impact as more and more of us sign up.  There are also some pretty fun rewards for this special community on Patreon and you can even chat on our forum to make your voice heard on the planetary issues that concern you the most.  Sign up for as little as $1/Month and join us today at or if you prefer, you can make a one-time donation as an annual member.

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