January 2015 Highlights ~ New Year!! & Edwardian Ball

I was fortunate enough to start off 2015 with a BANG, performing with The Vau de Vire Society at New Bohemia.  What a crowd!  What a show!  What a countdown!








With the New year properly kicked off, we set our sites on The 15th Annual Edwardian Ball.  As always, this event was jam packed full of people ready to celebrate an era gone by.  An era punctuated by elaborate gowns, hats, tuxedos, moustaches, corsets, red lips, laughter and absinthe.  With so many people running around we enjoyed entertaining their excited eyes with circus delights and live music.  Pictured below is a snap shot of my set during Eric McFadden’s song “Ride”.


featherpistol edwardian 2015


So far I’d say 2015 is going to be a BEAUTIFUL NEW YEAR!!!  xoxoxo Featherpistol